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Collateral Recovery

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Never A Winning Situation
Although necessary at times, repossession is never a winning situation for any of the parties involved. It is our goal to handle collateral recovery in a manner that leaves the reputation of your company in good standing.

Rural Challenges
Rural Alaska presents many challenges when attempting to recover collateral. Lack of roads, remoteness, extreme winter conditions, and cultural barriers, all make collateral recovery in rural Alaska very difficult.

RCS Solutions
RCS is the only local recovery agent that knows how to deal with these challenges and return with your collateral. RCS is capable of handling a wide variety of vehicle repossessions in rural Alaska. Some of the more common repossessions are: snowmobiles, boats and 4-wheelers. However, RCS is also capable of handling the not-so-common recoveries, including: Airplanes and heavy machinery.

Your company has multiple options once RCS has recovered your collateral.

• Allow RCS to purchase the collateral.
• Allow RCS to hold an auction.
• RCS can prepare your collateral for shipment.
• RCS can provide storage for your collateral.

We also offer your company the option of allowing us to purchase charge-offs prior to repossession.

Click for a printable copy of the State of Alaska “Affidavit of Repossession” form.

For collateral recovery rates, click here.

Debt Recovery Services


For our existing clients as well as new ones, we are glad to accept new accounts by fax, e-mail or postal mail, using the following Placement Form. We will review all information provided and may contact you for any additional information we may need.

RCS and its owners are located in rural Alaska. This gives your company a Local Advantage when collecting on debt, which translates into higher recovery rates for your company. And you can trust that RCS will conduct all services tactfully and in a culturally appropriate manner because our owners reside in rural Alaska.

RCS incorporates state-of-the-art debt collection software in our debt recovery services, which enables us to provide you with: consistent follow-up on all your accounts, issue collection status reports, and maintain all debtor payment activity.

You decide the level of escalation you would like RCS to take your collection process. However, RCS believes that with a persistent and consistent professional approach through a combination of letters and telephone calls, that most bad debt accounts will result in payment. Legal action is a last resort and only once RCS has exhausted all options.

• Improved cash flow
• Allows you to focus on running your business
• Consistent follow-up with your customers
• Allows your company to reduce costs for your clients by reducing your risk of loss
• Remove you from being the “bad guy”
• Knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act legal collection laws


For debt recovery pricing information, click here.

Financial Education

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RCS has developed financial education workshops covering the areas of, fraud, credit, and financial management that are tailored for day visits to rural Alaska villages. When you contract with RCS, we handle all travel arrangements, marketing of workshops and provide workshop reports to your company on attendance and what the primary needs of the attendees were.

Because RCS feels that financial education of rural Alaska youth is important before they graduate, we incorporate a visit to the local high school as a part of each of our trips. High school juniors and seniors receive a presentation on how fraud and credit will affect them after graduation. This is done at no cost to your company.

In addition to the afternoon adult presentations, RCS will meet with residents one-on-one in the evening if they express a need for follow-up assistance. Although each individual session is unique, typically they consist of:

  • Budgeting and money saving ideas
  • Personal credit issues
  • Banking issues
  • Fraud


  • Familiar with various subsistence hunting times of the year and schedule workshops around these times or larger workshop participation.
  • Through trial and error, we have concluded that afternoon presentations that last no more than 1 hour fit best into rural Alaska residents’ daily schedule.
  • Familiar with the various ways rural residents are targeted with fraudulent activities.

Technology has brought many benefits to Rural Alaska, from internet shopping to medical imaging. However, it has not come without its pitfalls. Rural Alaska residents, and in particular the elderly, are increasingly becoming victims of e-mail scams and internet fraud through stolen identities.

The State of Alaska Division of Banking & Securities attempts to bring awareness through their website and mail campaigns, but this has proven ineffective. RCS is familiar with the tactics used to target rural Alaska residents and believes that face-to-face education is the only way to spread awareness.

Contract pricing is completely customizable and negotiable. Click below for starters and then call us to discuss how we can best assist your regions residents.

For workshop contract pricing information, click here.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

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One Priority, One Focus
Outsourcing your receivables to RCS gives you access to state-of-the-art A/R software, reporting mechanisms and highly trained staff whose #1 priority is your accounts receivable; freeing up your time to focus your efforts on ONE thing—growing your business!

Third-Party Collecting
If day-to-day business tasks consume all your time, leaving no time to address your accounts receivable; then outsourcing your entire portfolio to RCS to monitor, track and get you paid quickly may be the answer for you.

Rural Credit Services third-party collecting is completely customizable. We can begin contacting your customers before their accounts reach the due date. Or, we can begin a collection program after payment is past due to ensure that your bill stays at the top of your customer’s payment list. Customizable programs can consist of any number of outbound calls, letters, faxes and e-mails.

SoftCall Collecting
SoftCalling is a collection method that is transparent to your customers. It allows our associates to initiate contact with your past-due clients by telephone or mail in your Company’s name.

RCS will work with you to create a personalized account receivable collection plan. Our experienced staff can do as little as issuing a reminder letter or as in-depth as resolving payment and dispute issues, providing your clients with needed documentation and/or escalating collection activities when required.

You remain in control of your accounts and decide the level of recovery efforts you would like to turn over to RCS.

The Benefits
• Allows your staff to focus on growing your business and obtaining new accounts.
• Quicker payments for improved cash flow.
• Your accounts receive consistent, carefully monitored follow-up.

For A/R pricing information, click here.

Court Services & Case Follow-up

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Process Serving
Typically in Rural Alaska, a State Trooper is called upon to serve court documents. Although, our law enforcement officials have admirably provided this service for many years in rural Alaska, there are a number of reasons it is not in the best interest of a private company, defense attorney, or any organization to utilize this service.

  • As a defense attorney, the DA receives a heads-up as to whom you will be summoning.
  • Private business does not receive top priority when the State Troopers have more pressing priorities to attend to.
  • State Troopers are not low profile.

RCS is a State of Alaska licensed and bonded process server who can provide you with an independent, fast and discreet alternative.

A convenient fillable and printable “Directions for Service” form is available here. Our Process Serving Fee Schedule is also available for download.

Case Follow-Up
If you are in need of follow-up interviews with a witness to obtain clarification for your case, then allow RCS staff to conduct a face-to-face interview to obtain the information you need.

The remoteness of rural Alaska can cost your company considerable transit time and travel expenses to complete follow-up interviews. Experience Local Advantage and see how much time and money we can save you by completing witness follow-up interviews for you.

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For any of these services pricing information, click here  to visit our pricing page.

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