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Experience Local Advantage
Rural Alaska Credit ServiceAccounts Receivable Outsourcing

One Priority, One Focus
Outsourcing your receivables to RCS gives you access to state-of-the-art A/R software, reporting mechanisms and highly trained staff whose #1 priority is your accounts receivable; freeing up your time to focus your efforts on ONE thing—growing your business!

Third-Party Collecting
If day-to-day business tasks consume all your time, leaving no time to address your accounts receivable; then outsourcing your entire portfolio to RCS to monitor, track and get you paid quickly may be the answer for you.

Rural Credit Services third-party collecting is completely customizable. We can begin contacting your customers before their accounts reach the due date. Or, we can begin a collection program after payment is past due to ensure that your bill stays at the top of your customer’s payment list. Customizable programs can consist of any number of outbound calls, letters, faxes and e-mails.

SoftCall Collecting
SoftCalling is a collection method that is transparent to your customers. It allows our associates to initiate contact with your past-due clients by telephone or mail in your Company’s name.

RCS will work with you to create a personalized account receivable collection plan. Our experienced staff can do as little as issuing a reminder letter or as in-depth as resolving payment and dispute issues, providing your clients with needed documentation and/or escalating collection activities when required.

You remain in control of your accounts and decide the level of recovery efforts you would like to turn over to RCS.

The Benefits
• Allows your staff to focus on growing your business and obtaining new accounts.
• Quicker payments for improved cash flow.
• Your accounts receive consistent, carefully monitored follow-up.

For A/R pricing information, click here.

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