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Experience Local Advantage
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Debt Recovery
Organizations of every kind and size benefit from third-party debt collection because it helps them keep costs down and reduce their risk of loss. Collecting on bad debts allows your company to reduce costs for all your clients. Click here to find out more about Rural Credit Services debt recovery assistance.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
Outsourcing your accounts receivable allows your organization to focus on obtaining new accounts, improve cash flow through quicker payments, and reduce costs. Click here to see why RCS should be your A/R choice in Rural Alaska.

Collateral Recovery
Collateral recovery in Rural Alaska is not an easy or inexpensive task. Suffice to say, it is difficult at best. Our Rural Advantage will benefit your company in its collateral recovery efforts. How many collateral recovery agencies can say they have repossessed a boat with a snowmobile in the middle of winter? Click here to see how Rural Credit Services can help you with your collateral recovery needs in rural Alaska.

Financial Education
Rural Alaska residents, and in particular the elderly are increasingly becoming the target of fraudulent activities by way of e-mail/internet lottery scams, t.v. promotions, and mail fraud due to increased access to technology. Rural Alaska’s youth must be taught how credit will affect them upon graduation, from employment to snowmobile loans. Their future will depend more than ever on establishing and maintaining good credit. Click here to find out more about Rural Credit Services workshops in the areas of Financial Education, Credit and Fraud.

Process Serving & Case Follow-up
Reduce your wait time by having your court documents quickly and professionally served in Rural Alaska. If additional case investigation is needed, a Rural Credit Services professional can assist you in gathering additional information for case resolution. Click here to find out more about this service.

For any of these services pricing information, click here or visit our pricing page.

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debt recovery
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