Rural Credit Services

Located in Nome, Alaska, and Serving the following Western Alaska communities and their surrounding villages: Barrow, Kotzebue, Nome, Bethel, and Dillingham.


Why Rural Credit Services:

Click here to see why Rural Credit Services should be your collection choice in rural Alaska.

Rural Credit Services, the local advantage:

RCS and its owners are located in rural Alaska. This gives your company a Local Advantage when collecting on debt, recovering collateral, process serving or educating residents on credit, fraud and personal financial management.

P.O. Box 1303
Nome, Alaska 99762
Phone: 907.304.3184
Fax: 866.908.0993

Our Services

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Debt Recovery

Keep costs down and reduce their risk of loss. Collecting on bad debts allows your company to reduce costs for all your clients.

Accounts Receivable

Outsourcing accounts receivable allows your organization to focus on obtaining new accounts, improve cash flow through quicker payments, and reduce costs.

Collateral Recovery

Our Rural Advantage will benefit your company in its collateral recovery efforts. How many collateral recovery agencies can say they have repossessed a boat with a snowmobile in the middle of winter?

Financial Education

The elderly are increasingly becoming the target of fraudulent activities; rural Alaska’s youth must be taught how credit will affect them, their future will depend more than ever on establishing and maintaining good credit.  Learn about our workshops in the areas of Financial Education, Credit and Fraud.

Process Serving & Case Follow-up

Reduce your wait time by having your court documents quickly and professionally served in Rural Alaska. If additional case investigation is needed, a Rural Credit Services professional can assist you in gathering additional information for case resolution.

Details on these services and our pricing are available here.

Why Rural Credit Services

Iditarod - 2007 Winner

Lance Mckey, 2007 Iditarod Winner


Rural Credit Services understands rural Alaska and the challenges associated with conducting business here. Outside companies must contend with: Language barriers, Cultural sensitivity, Remoteness and Time zones. While, local businesses are challenged with: Close relations to debtors, Technological barriers, and Remoteness.


RCS and its owners are located in rural Alaska. This gives your company a Local Advantage when collecting on debt, recovering collateral, process serving or educating residents on credit, fraud and personal financial management.

How We Stand Out

• Language advantage. RCS designates & separates debtors that speak limited English and assigns Eskimo speaking staff to these accounts.
• No-road repossessions. How many companies have had to repossess a boat with a snowmobile!
• Knowledge of subsistence times. Knowing when to make calls or visit a village that are not in conflict with important food gathering times.
• Contacts, Contacts, Contacts. We have contacts from Barrow to Dillingham, which makes it easier for us to: Find your debtors, Locate your collateral, Learn of paydays, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any upfront fees or sign-up charges?

NO. We work on a contingency fee basis only. We only get paid if we collect on your accounts.

What do you charge?

We charge a flat 35% contingency fee on accounts less than 360 days old and 50% on accounts over 360 days. Separate fees are assessed for accounts that require legal action.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We have our clients sign a basic Agreement that is tailored for each client. Some areas the agreement covers are: rates, how far we take the collection process, distribution of recovered funds, and whether you will accept settlements.

Do you require a certain number of accounts to be placed?

We have no requirement on the number of accounts placed.

Is there a minimum on the dollar amount placed for collection?

No, we do not require a minimum placement amount.

How do we place accounts for collection?

The most efficient way is to complete our online Account Placement Form. The completed form can be e-mailed to , faxed to 866-908-0993 or mailed to: Rural Credit Services, P.O. Box 1303, Nome, AK 99762. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will contact you to inform you we have received it and follow-up with any additional details we may need.

How do we stay informed with how you are handling our accounts?

We will send you monthly statements that can be as specific as showing you all your accounts or just monthly totals. In addition, these statements will include a check with your portion of the recovered payments. If you took any direct payments, a bill will also be included with your monthly statement. OF COURSE, you can always call or e-mail us at 907-304-1143 and Email.

Do you sue accounts?

Our main goal is to collect accounts voluntarily. However, there are situations where a voluntary payment arrangement cannot be made. In those situations, we will only consider legal action if it has been agreed upon in our contract with you or we have received direct permission from you to take the account to the next step.

Do you report to the Credit Bureaus?

If you wish, we can report your accounts to the three national credit bureaus: Equifax, Experien and Trans Union.

Do you accept settlements?

RCS will only accept a settlement if it has been laid out in our original contract with you. If this has not been done, then we will only accept a settlement after receiving your permission. When a settlement offer is made we place the account on hold and take the information to you to discuss the available options. If you wish to accept a settlement at that point, we will make the arrangements.

What should we do if someone pays us instead of RCS?

Deciding to accept direct payments varies by client. Some clients prefer not to be involved in the collection process once an account is turned over to us, and others opt to accept payments. It is up to you and we make it easy no matter which way you choose.

Do you belong to any industry associations?

Yes. We belong to:

  • Collection Associations & Memberships
    American Collectors Association (ACA)
  • Member of famous author Michelle Dunn’s “Credit and Collections” group.
  • Western Collectors Conference (WCC)

Misc. Associations & Memberships

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA
  • Cessna Pilots Association (CPA)
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Office Location

214 Front St., Suite 325 Nome, Alaska 99762
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1303
Nome, Alaska 99762

Phone / Fax

Phone: 907.304.3184
Fax: 866.908.0993